Pine St Drainage

A sunny autumn morning was spent by Jane, Phil, Karen & David mainly engaged in drainage remedial work. The drain in Pine St that was installed in 2014 had become dysfunctional and needed replacing. The sheer volume of stormwater that comes down from Cascade St had rolled the hessian drain liner into a ball and had breached the drain and overflowed onto the site.

Most of the tree’s planted during the November 2015 Gully Get-together are thriving under  the generally favourable conditions since then.

First Day for 2016

Our first day this year was held on the second Saturday in January for a change and we were joined by Jade Tinkler & family who were a welcome addition to the regulars who attended. The weather was fine & warm and tasks carried out included whipper snipping around the new plantings, repair work on the Pine St drain, pruning blackberry flowers and some spot weed spraying. No watering was needed as we have had some very good rainfall recently.

Meri & Aleifr Tinkler - Scarecrows

Meri & Aleifr Tinkler – Scarecrows


Last Day for 2015

Another beautiful summer’s day greeted us for our last day of the year. We were pleased to see Paul Vale and Lesley Sammon along to assist with weeding and watering our newly planted trees. It is also pleasing to see that these plants are growing well and will hopefully survive through what looks likely to be a very hot summer.

Phillip on brushcutter duties


Paul roundupping

051215 022

Timber! another one down in Upper Kedumba

051215 015

Why gloves should always be worn in bushcare work

051215 008

First aid in action!

051215 002

The offending object

Thanks to Karen for hosting a very enjoyable end-of-year lunch.

400 Native Trees Planted! 

45 Volunteers show that many hands make light work.

gullygetogether01a gullygetogether04 gullygetogether02 gullygetogether05 gullygetogether07 gullygetogether08 gullygetogether11 gullygetogether12

The weather gods smiled and the threatened rain did not eventuate on Sunday morning. Instead a glorious spring morning enabled the task to be completed on time and in time to enjoy a cuppa and delicious lunch under the trees outside the Gully Heritage Centre.

This work should be of great benefit to the Gully Catchment Area and give impetus to the group’s work in this area.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who participated.

Pictures by Paul Vale

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planting area watering supervision

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planting area looking north from Pine St

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planting area on old blackberry patch

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planted area looking up to Pine St

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planted area from north bank

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Plant selection by David

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

David demonstrates watering technique

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

David & Karen at work

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planting Worker Bees

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Upper Kedumba Planting Day Lunch

Weather for Bushcare Not!

Our brave and maybe foolhardy volunteers used the abundance of nature to water the new plantings!


Our new drainage system was operating very efficiently as designed and protecting those valuable plants.

pinest_020515_5 pinest_020515_4 pinest_020515_1

Afterwards the retreat to Hilary’s for a warming cuppa or two made it seem all worthwhile.

Second Workday 2015

As we enter the seventh year since the formation of this group it is very pleasing to report the arrival of a new volunteer, Jim Mathieson. Jim is no stranger to bushcare in the mountains, having been involved here with other groups in past years. Welcome aboard, Jim!

And what a beautiful morning it was; just about perfect for bushcare.

Jane, Hilary and  Jim hard at work on the creek

Jane, Hilary and Jim hard at work on the creek

A lot of lush grass and weed growth was noticed from the previous month due to the good rainfall we have had. Lawn trimmer was used to clear around plantings and we planted two Eucalypts and one Lomandra.  Across the creek woody weeds, privet, cotoneaster and holly were the targets.

Packing up time - Hilary, Karen, Jane, Jim

Packing up time – Hilary, Karen, Jane, Jim