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Veolia Planting Day

On Friday 1 November we were privileged to have 20 staff from Veolia Australia and New Zealand come from Sydney to participate in one of their Bushcare days. Bethany King, a Gully Traditional Owner and the daughter of David King, organised this event. She combined her deep connection with country and her role as Human Resources Coordinator at Veolia.

Upper Kedumba Planting Day with Veolia staff.

In a tremendous effort on a very hot day the staff planted 400 native seedlings in an area previously cleared with the help of the BMCC urban weeds program. These seedlings were provided by Wildplant Rescue and include ferns and shrub layer plants. They continued then to rehabilitate a soak area further on the site.

The Gully Traditional Owners, the Upper Kedumba Bushcare Group and Bushcare are very grateful for this help to accelerate the restoration of the natural environment at Upper Kedumba.

Impromptu Planting Day

On Saturday 4 May, David arrived with a collection of native plants recovered from his property in Narrow Neck Rd – all with local provenance. Being a cool sunny day good for planting, the plants were very suitable to go into the area recently setup with gully control structures. The planting area which was very heavily grassed needed to be slashed with a grass trimmer before planting. With Jane, Karen & Kate working hard we managed to get all the plants in by knock-off time.

David’s Plants

Plants: Hakea dactyloides, Eucalyptus oreades, Dianella tasmanica, Leptospermum polygalifolium, Knobbly Club Rush

Grass trimming with the trusty Bosch prior to planting
Waiting for Mum
Waiting to fall

Gully Combined Day 2018


Welcome to country by David King

Upper Kedumba Bushcare Group hosted 35 volunteers from Garguree Swampcare and Friends of Katoomba Falls Groups and the broader Bushcare community in our annual Kedumba Catchment Gully get-together.

It was a great success, with a wonderful community feeling and a great boost to the Upper Kedumba Bushcare site. There were so many enthusiastic and committed helping hands and we also had five new volunteers join in.

We were working on four different site components, giving a variety of work options to the volunteers so they could join in with tasks to challenge them and also tasks where they would feel familiar and relaxed.

After a full work morning we indulged in a wonderful shared feast and heard from Eric Mahoney about works in the catchment and how our workdays positively impact on it. Jane spoke about our Bushcare native bee metropolis and who we would likely see using the bee hotels.

Our workday consisted of :

1 – Continuing to create a wetland soak in the low lying section of UK to change the environmental conditions currently present. Trying to create a wetter area, hoping to diminish annual grasses and create . a more suitable habitat for aquatic creatures. Trying to slow the flow of the water in big rain events, capturing it on site and stripping nutrients from it.

Coir log installation with the Bush Doctors and volunteers in action

David King with the Bush Doctors

The Bush Doctors supervising work in progress

In February/March we hope to plant this area out with Juncus and other sedges.

2 – Continuing on with a creation of a mulch path through the site – the long term vision is to create a site where local community will feel inclined to walk through it, stop to find out about local native bees and pollinators, fauna and habitat creation, why these things are needed and how important they are for our local environment.

3 – Removal of small and large privets in bands across the slope. This work will be supported by a day of contracting works in the next 3 months and with continued planting of endemic species.

4 – Removal of Monbretia from a drainage line.

Thank you to all who came along and helped with our ongoing Bushcare works.

Good Things Happening at Upper Kedumba

Drainage Works

It was pleasing to see after being away from bushcare for most of the year the progress that has been made. In particular very impressive new drainage works are under way which should be very beneficial for the site. With the combined day happening on 2nd December, a lot more progress should be made with these works and the site in general.

Pollinator Day Review

At our first bushcare day in 2017, Jane, Phil, Paul and David were very pleased to see that the local insect population have started to take up lodgings in the new establishments. A native bee was observed arranging the furniture in its new apartment in Bee Hilton!

As well as seeing natives bees, we also enjoyed a brief visit by two Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos.

Yellow-tailed Blacks @ UK

Jane & Phil

Pollinator Day at Upper Kedumba

A fine, sunny day greeted the many enthusiastic people who arrived at Upper Kedumba bushcare site on our native bee pollinator day. A very busy and productive time saw a number of different native bee habitats installed which will be observed with interest over time. Many thanks to all those that attended who made it such a great morning.

Pine St Drainage

A sunny autumn morning was spent by Jane, Phil, Karen & David mainly engaged in drainage remedial work. The drain in Pine St that was installed in 2014 had become dysfunctional and needed replacing. The sheer volume of stormwater that comes down from Cascade St had rolled the hessian drain liner into a ball and had breached the drain and overflowed onto the site.

Most of the tree’s planted during the November 2015 Gully Get-together are thriving under  the generally favourable conditions since then.

400 Native Trees Planted! 

45 Volunteers show that many hands make light work.

gullygetogether01a gullygetogether04 gullygetogether02 gullygetogether05 gullygetogether07 gullygetogether08 gullygetogether11 gullygetogether12

The weather gods smiled and the threatened rain did not eventuate on Sunday morning. Instead a glorious spring morning enabled the task to be completed on time and in time to enjoy a cuppa and delicious lunch under the trees outside the Gully Heritage Centre.

This work should be of great benefit to the Gully Catchment Area and give impetus to the group’s work in this area.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who participated.

Pictures by Paul Vale

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planting area watering supervision

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planting area looking north from Pine St

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planting area on old blackberry patch

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planted area looking up to Pine St

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planted area from north bank

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Plant selection by David

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

David demonstrates watering technique

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

David & Karen at work

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Planting Worker Bees

Upper Kedumba Planting Day

Upper Kedumba Planting Day Lunch

Weather for Bushcare Not!

Our brave and maybe foolhardy volunteers used the abundance of nature to water the new plantings!


Our new drainage system was operating very efficiently as designed and protecting those valuable plants.

pinest_020515_5 pinest_020515_4 pinest_020515_1

Afterwards the retreat to Hilary’s for a warming cuppa or two made it seem all worthwhile.