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Gully Combined Day 2018


Welcome to country by David King

Upper Kedumba Bushcare Group hosted 35 volunteers from Garguree Swampcare and Friends of Katoomba Falls Groups and the broader Bushcare community in our annual Kedumba Catchment Gully get-together.

It was a great success, with a wonderful community feeling and a great boost to the Upper Kedumba Bushcare site. There were so many enthusiastic and committed helping hands and we also had five new volunteers join in.

We were working on four different site components, giving a variety of work options to the volunteers so they could join in with tasks to challenge them and also tasks where they would feel familiar and relaxed.

After a full work morning we indulged in a wonderful shared feast and heard from Eric Mahoney about works in the catchment and how our workdays positively impact on it. Jane spoke about our Bushcare native bee metropolis and who we would likely see using the bee hotels.

Our workday consisted of :

1 – Continuing to create a wetland soak in the low lying section of UK to change the environmental conditions currently present. Trying to create a wetter area, hoping to diminish annual grasses and create . a more suitable habitat for aquatic creatures. Trying to slow the flow of the water in big rain events, capturing it on site and stripping nutrients from it.

Coir log installation with the Bush Doctors and volunteers in action

David King with the Bush Doctors

The Bush Doctors supervising work in progress

In February/March we hope to plant this area out with Juncus and other sedges.

2 – Continuing on with a creation of a mulch path through the site – the long term vision is to create a site where local community will feel inclined to walk through it, stop to find out about local native bees and pollinators, fauna and habitat creation, why these things are needed and how important they are for our local environment.

3 – Removal of small and large privets in bands across the slope. This work will be supported by a day of contracting works in the next 3 months and with continued planting of endemic species.

4 – Removal of Monbretia from a drainage line.

Thank you to all who came along and helped with our ongoing Bushcare works.

Mulching at UK

Mulch HQ

Mulch HQ

Karen, Sukhi & David

Karen, Sukhi & David

Phil, Karen, Sukhi & David in new UK bushcare haven

Phil, Karen, Sukhi & David in new UK bushcare haven

Unlike recent weather Saturday 2 July was fine & sunny.
A large pile of mulch was distributed by wheelbarrow around the Top Station site mostly with aim of subduing the Vinca and also to establish a level area to develop into a morning tea haven. Watch this space for further improvements.

First Day for 2016

Our first day this year was held on the second Saturday in January for a change and we were joined by Jade Tinkler & family who were a welcome addition to the regulars who attended. The weather was fine & warm and tasks carried out included whipper snipping around the new plantings, repair work on the Pine St drain, pruning blackberry flowers and some spot weed spraying. No watering was needed as we have had some very good rainfall recently.

Meri & Aleifr Tinkler - Scarecrows

Meri & Aleifr Tinkler – Scarecrows


Last Day for 2015

Another beautiful summer’s day greeted us for our last day of the year. We were pleased to see Paul Vale and Lesley Sammon along to assist with weeding and watering our newly planted trees. It is also pleasing to see that these plants are growing well and will hopefully survive through what looks likely to be a very hot summer.

Phillip on brushcutter duties


Paul roundupping

051215 022

Timber! another one down in Upper Kedumba

051215 015

Why gloves should always be worn in bushcare work

051215 008

First aid in action!

051215 002

The offending object

Thanks to Karen for hosting a very enjoyable end-of-year lunch.

Second Workday 2015

As we enter the seventh year since the formation of this group it is very pleasing to report the arrival of a new volunteer, Jim Mathieson. Jim is no stranger to bushcare in the mountains, having been involved here with other groups in past years. Welcome aboard, Jim!

And what a beautiful morning it was; just about perfect for bushcare.

Jane, Hilary and  Jim hard at work on the creek

Jane, Hilary and Jim hard at work on the creek

A lot of lush grass and weed growth was noticed from the previous month due to the good rainfall we have had. Lawn trimmer was used to clear around plantings and we planted two Eucalypts and one Lomandra.  Across the creek woody weeds, privet, cotoneaster and holly were the targets.

Packing up time - Hilary, Karen, Jane, Jim

Packing up time – Hilary, Karen, Jane, Jim